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The rigid DOUBLE SIDED frame in four piece be rod bolted or single piece construction is made from extra thick high tensile steel plates. Plates are bevelled on all abutment edges to produce full penetration welds. Heavy cross members are welded to further resist deflection and frame stretching. The frame elements are thermally stress relieved for maintaining accuracy over long periods of use.


The heavy duty STEEL PLATE FABRICATED slide has extra long Phosphorous Bronze guide ways and has eight (8) point gibbing. Slide adjustment is effected through worm and worm wheel arrangement and is motorised. Multiple knock put bar arrangement is built into the slide.


The crankshaft is forged and turned from CHROME MOLYBDENIM steel and is ground all over and run in large dimensioned bronze bearings. The crank is in shape, dimensions and radii so maintained as to eleminate stress concentration and metal fatigue and is ultrasonically tested.

Gear Drive

Single and double reduction gears are offered with single and twin drive options.

Clutch & Brake

A heavy duty dynamically balanced single disc combined clutch and brake unit is used to avoid overlapping functions and to reduce noise. The high torque combination unit results in high speed actuation, small braking angles and quick heat dissipation.


Are simple and safe; meeting IBS specifications and giving am of operation, they provide complete operator and machine safety.

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