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Uses & Applications

Auto service station, Reparing workshop. Pressing ball bearings. Removal of old bushes and mounting new bushes. Industries engaged with the work of straightening. Pressing, Drawing, Embossing. Broaching, Bending, Breaking and Joining of steel, Iron, Plastic, Rubber & Plywood, Electric Motor, Gold/Silver Coin / Monogram Embossing, Submersible Pump, Mosaic Tiles.


The Crown column and bottom are mild steel fabricated construction. The table is vertically operated by worm winch and it rest on load pin placed in holes in column at required height. Rollers are provided with the table for easy handling of heavy jobs.


The hydraulic cylinder & Ram are made from mild steel. Neoprene rubber pressure seal is mounted at bottom of ram. Socket is provided to facilitate attachment of dies with ram.

Hand Pump

Double plunger pump gives quick ram travel by low pressure plunger and slow speed develops with high pressure plunger.

Power Pack

The suitable hydraulic powerpack provided with the unit includes eighter Gear Pump. Vane pump or plunger pump driven by an electric motor of required brand, control valves, connecting hoses & pipes etc.

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