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A quality heavy walled rolled steel plate fabricated monolithic "H" type construction with extra cross ribbings for maximize rigidly and minimize deflection.

Ram Slide

A square figure quality rolled steel plate fabricated with extra long 8-point guide ways with abrasion resistance material and pneumatic counter balancer to stable for more precision. Hydraulic jam release systems can be offer as an optional.


Fixed with friction clutch / brake inter locked combined unit imported single /dual solenoid valve to ensure more safety.

Lubrication Systems

A motorized automatic continues / intermittent centralized lubrication systems with float switch and pressure switch inter locked with pic / controller to prevent lubrication fault.

Main Bearing

Made from a quality anti frication and heavy walled bearings to ensure extra long working life. Temperature sensor can be offer as an optional to prevent down time due to over heating/abnormal temperature rises.


A pic controller is to makes sure of sensitive motion and reliable and safer performance. The pic / controller cover TDC. Control at any speed, anti repeat clutch control, no motion control, hydraulic over load / jam release, lubrication control and monitoring, speed indication, angle indication, stroke counter, two hand operation, electronic operator hand safety (as an optional) and in built with extra i/o in manors of in Deg. time and nos. Of strokes mode for further automations.

Drive and Speed

Ac. Variable frequency drive for infinite variable speed from min to max. It helps to increase the productivity and decreases the tool setting time.

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