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  • The machine body is in an overall welded and overall processed structure, and ANSYS finite element analysis software is applied to main parts of the machine body for analysis .which has ensured the reliability of machine tool and the precision of entire machine.
  • Closed loop control mode composed of electro hydraulic servo valve imported from Germany and imported grating ruler is adopted for the main oil cylinders on both sides, to break through the stroke control pattern of traditional bending machines of mechanical stopper type, typical of high feedback precision for position of gliding block, accurate and stable operation good synchronizing performance and high repeated positioning precision of gliding block.
  • Imported parts are used for all the functional parts in the rear stopper, to ensure the stopping precision of rear stopper and the mechanism of rear stopper will multiple stopping shafts for more complete functions is employed up to customer requirements.
  • Integrated control system imported from Germany is adopted for the whole hydraulic system, to simplify the installation of pipelines, and to ensures stable operation as well as simple and nice appearance of the machine tool.
  • C-shaped plates are fitted on both sides of the machine body, and the high-precision grating ruler is mounted on the C-shaped plates, thus to avoid the influence over bending precision arising from distortion of machine body during bending process.
  • The lower workbench is fitted with automatic compensation mechanism for hydraulic deflection to achieve an effective dead zone free compensation with high bending precision and long stability guaranteed.
  • The numeric control system refers to the numeric-control system special for electro hydraulic servo bending machines of Italian ESA Netherland DELEM, or Swiss CYBELEC Companies, able to achieve the functions of graphic programming for bending angle, compensation for angle amendment, automatic calculation and adjustment of bending pressure, automatic calculation of compensation for workbench distortion, extending length of work pieces, bending pressure for sole pressing, open distance, and automatic withdrawal of rear stopper, etc.

Standard & Optional Accessories

  • 6" Monochrome LCD display, Selectable languages
  • 2D Graphical CNC system
  • One page program, automatic counting of back gauge and bending force
  • Bending force and worktable compensation
  • Memory capacity after power off
  • Colour display 10" LCD (TFT), basic Windows Application suit, PLC functions
  • 2D Graphical CNC, Automatic bend sequence calculation and collision detection
  • Bending force and worktable compensation. Counting automatic, Operator warning system.
  • Angle correction function, selectable languages, Hand wheel move all the axies
  • Data backup, User specific application support

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