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This series the machine Consist with three beam (crown, table and slide) and four pillars structure. The hydraulic system consists with manifold and Cartridge Valve design for less connection pipelines and fittings for minimize leakage. The electric system supplies with relay or PLC to control circuit system. It has the Manual and semi-automatic operation mode. The whole machine features simple, compact and economical structure, with reliable operation, long term life, slight hydraulic impact force.

The work pressure, press speed (Optional), stroke range of this series of the machine is adjustable within the specific range according to technical requirements and process preset pressure mode and stroke mode. During the preset pressure forming, there is pressure maintenance delay and automatic return after the press. There is the knockouts (Optional) device used as hydraulic cushion for forming or deep drawing products except for knocking out products.

Standard Accessories

  • 2 hand Operation station
  • Limit switches for stroke Adj. and over travel safety.
  • Operation & maintenance Manual

Optional Accessories

  • Foot switch
  • PLC controls
  • Flow control
  • Pressure control with PLC
  • Photo electric Hand Safety guard.
  • Oil cooler
  • Any special application.

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