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Major specifications are as follows:


Sheet metal forming / deep drawing operation


  • Wrinkle free precision deep drawn products
  • Adjustable stroke length for optimize the cycle time.
  • Immediate Deep drawing depth control through PLC.
  • Program recipe storage
  • Stage wise depth control through program
  • Adjustable blank holder pressure
  • Adjustable drawing pressure
  • Wide area for the die, blank holder and punch mounting
  • Working area according to customer requirement
  • Energy efficient

Standard Accessories

  • PLC Control
  • 2-Hand Operation control
  • Blank holding pressure control
  • Drawing pressure control
  • Operation Manual

Optional Accessories

  • Foot switch Operation
  • Photo Electric Hand Safety control
  • Blank feeder
  • Blank stacker
  • Component catcher
  • Robotic automation
  • Quick die change system

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