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Main frame

The frame is of heavy duty design and hot rolled welded steel plate construction. The shearing table is Integral with the basic machine frame to ensure maximum rigidity.

Hydraulic Power pack Unit

The hydraulic Power pack unit is with pump, motor and valve with block assembly is conveniently located in the back upper part of the frame with the oil reservoir all necessary hydraulic valves are mounted on the compact designed manifold block The Large size of oil reservoir is provided for adequate cooling and increases of oil life. All the Components are used of reliable and reputed internationally available brands.

Blade Clearance setting (Blade Gap Adjustment)

Manual blade gap adjustment is standard on all models, with lever and calibrated scale for various thickness on both side of the machine to adjust the clearance between top & bottom blade According to the sheet thickness. Motorized/Hydraulic blade gap adjustment is available as an option. Motorized / hydraulic blade gap adjustment is provided as option and is operated by push button control and through plc. Controls.

Back Gauge

All KAWA Shears are equipped with manual Back Gauge arrangement. As an option motorized Back Gauge, Motorized 2-speed back gauge with D.R.O. The Motorized Back Gauge is operated from the control panel and dimension being read from the Digital Display. LED type and NC Back Gauge can be provided. On heavy model the retraction type Back Gauge arrangement to allow the plate to fall away freely after shearing. And any other automation also available through plc. Controls.

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